Народна Библиотека "Иван Вазов" Пловдив
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pic_ethicsThe Code of Ethics of librarians in the Republic of Bulgaria rеpresents norms for professional behaviour that fit the goals and interests of the library community. These norms aim at the consolidation of all its activities and its style of communication.
The Code is prepared on the basis of the experience of over 20 national library associations. It is consistent with underlying documents adopted by the IFLA, UNESCO, etc., and it reflects the traditions in the Bulgarian cultural and professional practice.

We stand behind the idea that libraries play a primary role in the development of the civic and information society and work for its advancement. Furthermore, we guarantee the respect of the fundamental human rights.
In the role of a transmitter of knowledge and ideas, culture and traditions, national virtues and virtues common to all mankind, we create an atmosphere of trust, tolerance and pluralism in the spiritual space of our nation and the world.
We ensure and propose library and information services to users with a high level of professionalism and erudition, through our collections, access to databases and the information we create, respecting the principles of objectivity and impartiality.
We guarantee equal rights of free access to information as an unquestionable right to every person. Furthermore, we do not allow any form of censorship or discrimination based on racial, ethnic, gender, religious, cultural, age, political or any other differences in the beliefs and status of the users.
We abide by the principles of copyright and intellectual freedom and protect the rights of the creators of information when we mediate between them and the users.
We protect the rights of all users connected with the privacy of reading, the confidentiality of the used information and their personal information, except in the cases when they contradict the laws of the country.
We respect and value our colleagues and we communicate with them frankly and openly. We share our experience and keep tolerant relationships, guaranteеing comfortable psychological ambience for the users as well as for us.
We do not allow domination of our self-interests and opinions at the expense of our users, our colleagues and the institution we represent, nor do we allow actions and activities that can harm that institution.
We solve arising problems inside our institution by open and mannered dialogue.
We are convinced that our successful career depends on three things: character, specific knowledge and experience and we aim at their achievement through continuing education.
We work competently, professionally and loyally, towards the establishment of high social recognition of our profession and improvement of the image of the library institution.
We foster/arouse the interest of society for our profession and the mission of libraries. We negotiate and look for the support of governmental associations, municipal authorities, and NGO’s 

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pravilaEach citizen has the right to use library services. For the purpose they have to register as library users.
User registration observes the following conditions:
• Adult citizens register by producing their identity cards.
• Children and adolescents from 6 to 14 years of age register with their parent’s or guardian’s identity card.
• Citizens without a permanent address in Plovdiv can register as library users after leaving a money deposit, the amount of which is determined annually with a Director’s ordinance. A receipt is written out for the deposited sum. The deposit is refunded after the citizens declare that they have acquired a permanent address registration or want to cancel their library registration and produce the receipt and a certificate from the Reader Service that they have checked in all borrowed materials.
• Bulgarian citizens who are not residents of Plovdiv are registered according to the general rules, but they can use only the library reading-rooms and cannot check out books. This applies to foreign citizens as well.     




Entrance for disabled people
German reading room
Training room
Lecture room
Stationer’s shop



Regional Studies Department

Catalogue room
Exhibition space
Consultant’s desk
Take-in-orders desk (both for checking out and for the reading rooms)
User registration
Free access areas (check out books)
Interlibrary loans service
Copying centre

Court yard
Community Information Centre


Arts Department
Reading room No.1 Literary sciences
Reading room No.1a Social and political sciences
Reading room No.2 Technics. Exact sciences. Medicine.Biology. Agriculture
Reading room No.4  Art
Reading room No.5  Special collections
Reading room No.6  Current periodicals
Copying centre

Digitalization centre

Administrative area
Reference, Bibliographic and Information Department
Editorial and Publishing Department
Pay office


Methodical Department

CHILDREN’S DEPARTMENT BUILDING – 15, Avksentii Veleshki Str.

Language Study
Reading room (children up to 11 years old)
Reading room (children over 11 years old)

User registration
Free access areas (check out books) 

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digitalizasionThe Digitalisation Centre was open in 2008 as a follow-on of a project on the preservation of our cultural and historical heritage and making it accessible to a wider circle of users. The Centre is equipped with an OMNISCAN 5000 TT book scanner of the German firm ZEUTSCHEL, in combination with a storage server. The digitalized volumes are archived and can easily be retrieved during search. 
Work in the centre is aimed at the solving of a number of theoretical and practical problems such as:
• development of a procedure and best practices for scanning selected specimens of our scientific and cultural heritage;
• development of a procedure for digital processing of scanned images with a view to improving their quality;
• study on the factors that quarantee long-term preservation of information in the digital library;
• establishment of connections with other libraries with a view to setting up a common network for presentation and preservation of our nationally significant scientific and cultural heritage.

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In the catalogue room

card-catalogue510Note: By order of the Director of Ivan Vazov Public Library, the maintenance of the traditional catalogues and card-index files was suspended in the second half of 2007.

Alphabetical catalogue of books in Bulgarian
Alphabetical catalogue of books in Russian and other Cyrillic alphabets
Subject catalogue  of books acquired after 1960
Alphabetical and subject index to the Subject catalogue

Alphabetical catalogue of books in the Roman alphabet
Subject catalogue of cartographic publications
Catalogues of loose-leaf graphic works

Alphabetical catalogues of albums
• In Bulgarian
• In Russian and other Cyrillic alphabets
• in the Roman alphabet

Subject catalogue of albums
Alphabetical and subject catalogues of printed music
Alphabetical and subject catalogues of video cassettes
Alphabetical and subject index to sound recordings
Alphabetical and subject catalogue of sound recordings

Accessory card-index files – sound recordings:

• of authors of texts
• of individual performers
• of group performers
• of conductors
• of foreign names
• of songs, round dances and ruchenitsas

Alphabetical catalogues of periodicals up to 1995
Card-index files of articles from periodicals up to 1991
Card-index files of reviews

In the service sector

Service catalogues of books:
• in Bulgarian;
• in Russian and other Cyrillic alphabets;
• in the Roman alphabet.

Official publications – card-index files:
• Alphabetical card-index file of author's summaries of dissertations since 1988;
• Alphabetical authors card-index file
• Subject card-index file

Subject catalogue of books acquired in the period 1944-1960, printed in 14 volumes
Subject catalogue of books acquired before 1944, on calligraphic 10 x 9 cm cards. It is being  photocopied.  So far Vol. 1 - 4, Vol. 6 and Vol. 7 have been prepared and published.

Service catalogues of periodicals:
• in Bulgarian;
• in Russian and other Cyrillic alphabets;
• in the Roman alphabet.

In the Methodological Department


Alphabetical catalogue:
• of books;
• of periodicals.

Subject catalogue:
• of books;
• of Bulgarian national standards (BNS) in library and information practice.

Card-index files:

• library science card-index file;
• numeration card-index file of BNS in library and information practice;
• card-index file of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association Bulletin;
• card-index file on the IVNL Year-book

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searching-for-informationThe Community information centre offers the citizens and guests of Plovdivinformation on:
• Individual and public services ( lodging, work, social insurance, healthcare, issuing procedures for various types of documents, permits, licences, etc.; information on pastime, hobbies and sport);
• The Municipality of Plovdiv and the region – social and economic development, history, culture, tourism;
• The municipal, regional and state government as well as the ways of  taking part in it;
• European Union policy (history, symbols, member states, agreements and documents).
Available to users are eight automated working stations with permanent Internet connection and WiFi.
There is an available laser printer and a scanner, the use of which is charged according to the Library price-list.

The Information Centre offers its premises free of charge for holding:

• Chamber-meetings with writers, poets, artists, etc.
• PR agency events
• Multimedia presentations
• Exhibitions
• Meetings with the media
• Open classes
• Business meetings of partnering  organizations
• Training seminars.

Citizens, firms and organizations have the opportunity to advertise their activities by displaying leaflets, brochures, newssheets and catalogues.

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