Launching a project part of the program BG 08 "Cultural heritage and contemporary arts"

On March 22 in the large conference hall of the House of Culture "Boris Hristov" Mayor Ivan Totev gave introductory press conference on the occasion of the beginning of the actual execution of the project "Digital cultural heritage of Plovdiv Municipality".
The project is funded by the program BG08 "Cultural heritage and contemporary arts" of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area. Its total value is 586 779 euros, 100% of it is the CCD. The project aims digitization of movable and immovable heritage funds of the most important cultural institutions in the Municipality of Plovdiv - "Ivan Vazov" - Public Library, the Regional History Museum – Plovdiv, Regional Ethnographic Museum , Regional Archaeological Museum, Municipal Institute "Old Plovdiv "and Art gallery - Plovdiv. Two digital centers and four mobile digital stations will be build into the project, in which a digitalization of immovable heritage will be conducted. 50,000 objects from the unique collections of cultural institutions partnering will be digitized.


"Ivan Vazov" - Public Library take the initiative to study the public opinion

Guided by the idea of the library as a modern center for knowledge and information by providing services to the widest possible public circle, "Ivan Vazov" - Public Library  take action to obtain feedback from its users. A specialized target survey has been prepared covering various social, professional, age and other circles. There are issues with the maximum volume to give the fullest picture without being a problem for those who will respond to this initiative. After its completion, the results will be analyzed by competent professionals . It is envisaged that the conclusions to be included in adequate measures to improve the user experience and the growing interest in the library as a reliable and easily accessible source of knowledge and information to satisfy the need of reading and communicating with literature, as well as training opportunities and access to different types of communication with art, science and other spheres of life.
The survey will be available for completion by March 15 to April 15 at convenient locations in the library building, and in the Children's Department at "Avksentij Veleshki" № 15. We rely on the help of all those who have an opinion, attitude and interest in the activity of one of the oldest cultural institutions in our city.


First public virtual duel

On 1.03.2016, at the Children's Department of the"Ivan Vazov" - Public Library, at 18.30, took place the first public virtual duel between third graders from School "Dimitar Matevski" - Plovdiv and their peers from Bulgarian School "Valley of Roses" - London. There has been shown a deservedly great interest from parents, teachers, lecturers of PU "of Plovdiv" - Plovdiv, media, colleagues from the library ...
    Through Skype connection children from Plovdiv and London greeted Baba Marta with a song. Then delicately guided by their teacher, Veneta Petrova and head librarian of the Children's Department Vaska Tonova, held a virtual match. Questions included topics from the Bulgarian traditions associated with March and mainly - March the 3rd, as part of the history and the National Day of the Republic of Bulgaria. In the course of the match Mrs. Petrova pointed out that the competition is a teamwork. In this spirit, we should note that the team from Plovdiv beated its competitors. Leaders in the standings were donated books from the publishing house "Janet 45".
    The event ended with many flowers and smiles. The result showed that the first public presentation of this type of racing games should have their subsequent releases and development. Part of its educational role is the fact that innovative technologies are applied in a "book" environment and children from a relatively early age take them as granted from the world around them and the library is a wonderful mediator between them.


An innovative approach to our national history

On 25 February at 12.00, in the Conference Hall of the "Ivan Vazov" - Public Library  was held press conference where were presented the nature, purpose, technology and expected results of the upcoming Plovdiv public virtual duel between third graders from School "Dimitar Matevski" and their peers from Bulgarian School "Rose valley" - London. The event was dedicated to March the 3rd - The National Day of the Republic of Bulgaria and will be held on March 1, 2016 in the Children's Department of the Library -based WEB-based educational program "Kahoot".


Germany in the center of Plovdiv - German reading room in "Ivan Vazov" - Public Library

On 10/02/2016 year marks 18 years since the opening of the German reading room in Plovdiv, designed by the Goethe Institute Bulgaria and the German Embassy. During all these years the reading room is a favorite place for fans of German literature and culture. Among the permanent readers are students, teachers and citizens from different professional and social areas. Among the pleasant atmosphere of German-language literature everyone can find and read something on topics that interested him. The reading room has over 6500 library units.

Every year, thanks to the Goethe Institute, the fund has been enriched with new titles: fiction, specialized literature from all areas, training materials for "German as a foreign language" extensive funds in the areas of art, architecture, design and photography, including nominees of Layptsiskiya Frankfurt Fair titles; CDs with pop, rock and classical music, as well as literary works for listening; films and documentaries on DVD. This allows readers to quickly reach the latest, out of the German market titles.
The reading room regularly receives more than 30 titles from German dailies and weeklies, as well as German-speaking specialist journals that inform readers about the latest developments in the world, such as: "DieZeit", Spiegel, Focus, Art, Geo, Brigitte, Spektrumder Wissenschaft, Schoener Wohnen, Foto , AutoMotor Sport, Popcorn, Psychologieheutei others.
Working with Test Duff center of the PU "P. Hilendarsky "allows the reading room to receive the latest information about studying in Germany and Austria, as well as exams required to apply. During all these years of partnership "Ivan Vazov" - Public Library in Plovdiv with the Goethe Institute Bulgaria contributed greatly to the enrichment and promotion of German culture in Plovdiv.

Daniela Takova, head of the German reading room  in "Ivan Vazov" - Public Library


Training for citizens

For fourth year the "Ivan Vazov" - Public Library  offers training in computer literacy for all ages. Classes are held in the Training Centre, in several training modules presented in the schedule by months, dates and topics. The purpose is to learn how to work with a PC and how to use library services via the Internet.
Piano matinee at the Library
On January 22, in the art-hall of the Library, the first 2016 edition of the cycle "Piano matinee on Friday" took place. Colleagues, readers and friends enjoyed the solo instrumental works performed by Nina Staleva, flute and Zlatelina Kolarova, piano. It sounded Sonata in E minor for flute and basso continuo, Part III and IV, by Johann Sebastian Bach. Coming soon next editions of musical meetings in the Library.


Free access to selected electronic databases

"Academic Search Complete", EBSCO Publishing - Trough the entire 2016 "Ivan Vazov" - Public Library offers its readers free access to the database "Academic Search Complete" of EBSCO Publishing. Multidisciplinary database contains more than 8500 full-text journals, of which 7300 are reviewed. Besides full-text database provides indexing and referencing of 12,500 magazines and 13,200 publications, including monographs, conference papers and others. The majority of the documents are in English, but also offers documents in German, French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Italian and others. Small part of the documents are in Bulgarian.
The full text of publications in PDF and HTML format.
Until March 11 the library offers free access to educational audio-visual materials from the collection "Academic Video Online: Premium" of "Alexander Street Press". The collection includes the complete contents of more than 44,000 videos in different languages with a total duration of over 20,000 hours in areas such as literature, music, counseling and therapy, social and cultural history, medicine, theater, cinema and performing arts, religion, sociology and other. The content is provided by 1500 leading distributors such as: The Open University, Broadway Theatre Archive, Annenberg Learner, BBC, NBC, Bloomberg, Filmakers Library.

Subscribe to 2016 in "Ivan Vazov" - Public Library!

This year the Library offers a diverse set of periodicals available by subscription as well as serials received through exchange and as a gift. The complete list of titles can be found here.

135 years since the birth of Ivan Radoslavov (1881-1969)

January 12 marks 135 years since the birth of Ivan Radoslavov (1881-1969), Bulgarian historian and literary critic, translator, chief librarian (1928-1932) and director (1932-1934) of the "Ivan Vazov" - Public Library.
Ivan Radoslavov was born in Gorna Oryahovitsa. Studied law at Lausanne. 1917 is attached to the cultural diplomatic mission to protect the Bulgarian national interests in Bern. Along with Teodor Trajanov and Lyudmil Stoyanov edited largest Bulgarian symbolist magazine "Hyperion" (1922-1931). Compiler and editor of the poetry anthology "Young Bulgaria" (1922). Contributing with articles, poems, reviews, reviews of the magazines "Modern Times", "Workers work", "Our Life," "Artist," "Modern Thought", "Native Arts", "Covenants," "September". During his work in the library writes and prints his core work ", the Bulgarian Literature 1880-1930".
An important event for this period is the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Plovdiv Library, which was celebrated on November 20, 1932, celebrated as the Day of Bulgarian book. Ivan Radoslavov wrote: "The celebration took place ln spacious and inviting reading hall of the library in a truly academic style without redundancy in it, in the presence of many guests from Sofia and representatives of various cultural and educational organizations in the city and surrounding area and a packed auditorium full of members of the selected society. After a prayer of thanksgiving for the occasion, the director of the library make a statement about the life and fortunes of the office for nearly two hours. After the welcoming by various organizations, which lasted more than an hour and a half. On the occasion of the celebration the management had organized an exhibition of books from their collections. The audience had the opportunity to see from up close the values that the library has been stored. Due to the great interest that woke up the exhibition, its duration instead of three days continued at the request of the public six days. Those who has been present would retain a long memory of this rare day. In the pure atmosphere of a cultural celebration they relieved by the severe and harsh modernity and remembered with gratitude the sacrifices and the efforts of the creators of one of these works, in which lies the hope of peoples.

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