pic_ethicsThe Code of Ethics of librarians in the Republic of Bulgaria rеpresents norms for professional behaviour that fit the goals and interests of the library community. These norms aim at the consolidation of all its activities and its style of communication.
The Code is prepared on the basis of the experience of over 20 national library associations. It is consistent with underlying documents adopted by the IFLA, UNESCO, etc., and it reflects the traditions in the Bulgarian cultural and professional practice.

We support the thesis and we work to promote the leading role of libraries in the development of the civil and information society and ensure respect for the fundamental civil rights of the individual.

As a translator of knowledge and ideas, culture and traditions, national and universal values, we create an atmosphere of trust, tolerance and pluralism in the spiritual space of the country and the world.

We provide and offer a high cultural and professional level of library and information services to users through scientifically organized collections, access to databases and information we create, observing the principles of objectivity and impartiality.

We guarantee equal rights to free access to information as an inalienable right of person, and we do not allow any form of censorship or discrimination due to racial, ethnic, gender, religious, cultural, age, political, and any other differences of opinion and user status.

We respect the principles of copyright and intellectual freedom and protect the rights of the creators of information when we mediate between them and users.

We protect all rights of users related to the secret of reading, the confidentiality of the information sought and used, and their personal data, except in cases where they are contrary to the laws of the country.

We treat our colleagues with respect and honesty and partner with them in good faith, honesty and openly. We share our experience and maintain tolerant relationships that guarantee a comfortable psychological micro environment for both our users and ourselves.

We do not allow our personal interests and opinions to dominate at the expense of consumers, colleagues or the institution we represent, as well as acts and actions that are in their detriment. The problems we have come up are solved inside the institution through an open and honest dialogue.

We are convinced that a successful career depends on three things: character, special knowledge and experience, and we strive to build them through all forms of continuing learning to be as useful as possible to our users.

With competence, professional honesty and loyalty, we work to promote a high public status of our profession and the authority of the library institution.

We create public interest in the mission of libraries and our profession and lobby for support from state institutions, local authorities, NGOs and public associations.

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