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How to order a title online?

* Do a search and wait for the result;
* Select titles which you would like to order;
* Complete Data Application for library items and send the application;
* In case of technical problem when sending the application, you can request the required titles by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Online orders - up to five (5) titles in one email and one request per day - are performed only to registered users with regular custom cards. In absence of user data (name, surname, card number / code), orders are canceled and unanswered.
* Add information about when and where you want to use the requested documents - in the reading room or for home reading. Mandatory state your name and number of the consumer card. Orders are executed as follows:
* Online orders received until 12.00. Shall be executed the next day after 08.00.
* Online orders received after 12.00. Shall be executed the next day after 14.00.
* Online orders for execution on Saturday and Sunday should be requested until 12.00 pm on Friday.
If you want the documents requested for another day, please specify date (within the coming two or three days). Placed orders on weekends and holidays are executed on the first business day after them.
* You will be kept informed of the performance of your application. When you visit the library the ordered documents will expect you at the preffered spot - in the reading-room or at the front desk if they are for home reading.
Overwriting documents can be carried out by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Library documents which are taken home can be overwritten twice after the expiry of the first period of use.
We are hoping to be helpful.
We are expecting you!

National Library "Ivan Vazov" is the second depository library in Bulgaria and its electronic catalog reflects Bulgarian paper production from 1996 to today. The electronic database contains over 158,000 records. Including bibliographic descriptions of the following editions:

• Books
• Albums and Atlases
• Cartographic editions
• Music sheets
• Official editions of 1998 (including abstracts from 2006)

The Electronic catalog “Antiquarian, Rare and Valuable editions” includes in its funds Rare and Precious Books and Renaissance literature which are part of the collections department "Special Collections". Chronological range of publications, united in the common database, are covering the period 1512 – 2009. The bibliographic descriptions contain visualization of covers, original illustrations, bookplates and autographs.

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