Art. 1. These Rules govern the activities, management, structure and financing of the “Ivan Vazov” Regional National Library.
Art. 2. (1). The Library is a regional cultural institute within the meaning of Art. 9 of the Law for protection and development of culture and Decree of the Council of Ministers No 153 / 28.07.2000 on the transformation of cultural institutes into regional libraries and museums and Decree of the Council of Ministers No 80 of 2006 amending and supplementing the normative acts of the Council of Ministers.
(2). It carries out its activity on the territory of the Plovdiv region.
Art. 3. The Library is a legal entity of a stand-alone balance, delegated by the state activity directly subordinated to the Municipality of Plovdiv and it is a secondary authorizing disposal institution with appropriations related to it.


Art. 4. The “Ivan Vazov” National Public Library performs functions of a basic library in the Plovdiv region by collecting, storing, organizing and providing for use library information such as:
1. Compiles and organizes its funds according to the rules established in the normative documents.
2. The Library fund shall be completed by purchase of documents from the country and abroad, internal and international exchange, donations or wills by Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entitys, gratuitous provision of copies of the published Bulgarian documents under the terms and conditions stipulated by the Law for the obligatory deposit of copies of printed and other works (promulgated SG No. 108/2000 and subsequent amendments).
3. The Library is the Second National Archive of the Bulgarian Book.
4. Provides universal access to information for all users.
5. Performs library and information services and interlibrary loan.
6. Provides access to international information databases.
7. The Library is an archive of Local History publishing and Literature and is the center of the bibliography in the field of fiction. Searches, supplies, stores, bibliographies, promotes and provides for using published Local History documents for the region.
8. Performs editorial and publishing activities: elaborates, publishes and distributes bibliographic directories, editorial and information editions, publications, studies, articles, etc.
9. Participates in research work in librarianship, bibliography and Local History, and in sociological research on reading and the book.
10. Organizes and conducts cultural and educational events.
11. Supports the municipal leadership in the implementation of the cultural policy in the field of libraries.
Art. 5. The Library shall carry out additional activities, other than those under Art. 4 as follows:
1. It cooperates with the Ministry of Culture in the implementation of the state policy in the field of library and information services.
2. Collects, processes and provides information on libraries in the field of state and local government and proposes specific measures to improve their activities.
3. Carries out coordination, qualification and expert-consultancy activity for all libraries in the territory of the Plovdiv region.
4. Coordinates the construction of regional automated networks and is the center of the National Automated Library Information Network.
5. Develops and participates in the implementation of programs and projects related to continuing education, cultural integration and civic participation.
6. Coordinates the activities of libraries in the region.
7. Coordinates its work with cultural institutes on the territory of the municipality and the region.
8. Supports partnerships with libraries, institutions and foundations in the country and abroad.


Art. 6. The structure of the Library is presented in Appendix 1 of these Rules
Art. 7. The Library is managed by a Director who has the following rights and responsibilities:
1. Presents the Library to the authorities of the state and local authorities.
2. Makes orders, approves documents, regulations, job descriptions regulating the activity of the Library, its structural units and the individual employees, its internal order and the order of use of the services.
3. Establishes the establishment plan, in agreement with the Municipality, appoints and dismisses the library staff in accordance with the Labor Code.
4. Provides and manages the budget of the Library as a subordinate budget item. Develops and implements a financial policy that provides revenue from various sources - budget, own revenues, donations, programs, projects, etc.
5. Responsible for the implementation of the state policy in the field of library and information services.
6. Organizes and controls the preparation of analyzes, forecasts and proposals for the development of the Library's work in the region.
7. Prepares opinions and supports the development, coordination and updating of the legal framework in the field of library work.
8. Participates in the work of national and international forums on the issues of library and information services.
9. Coordinates the development and control of the implementation of projects and programs of local and regional importance.
10. Contacts other cultural institutes, non-governmental organizations, civic associations, foundations and institutions in the country and abroad to implement joint programs and projects. Develops partnerships with libraries from Bulgaria and abroad.

Art. 8. The following consultative bodies are set up at the Library:

1. A public council that includes prominent public figures, prominent cultural figures and business circles. It has consultative-advisory functions and powers.
2. The Board of Directors is a specialized collective advisory body, including the library director, the chief librarians, the officers of the functional and autonomous departments, and the representatives of the legitimate trade union organizations in the Library.
3. Specialized Boards:
– Editorial-publishing Board
– Acquisitions Board
– Specialized boards on the various library activities that the Director creates or closes according to the needs for solving specific problems.
By order of the Director, temporary committees are set up.


Art. 9. The property of the Library consists of:
1. Real Estate: The Library manages a building – a public municipal property and a rented building, which houses the Children's Department.
2. Movable property: The Library holds and manages huge movable property – a library fund, long-term tangible and intangible assets, short-term assets, cars and others.
Art. 10. All employees of the Library are responsible for preserving the property. The degree of responsibility is determined by job descriptions.


1. From Plovdiv Municipality
2. From the Ministry of Culture
3. From contributions from the budgets of the municipalities of Plovdiv region, where the Library operates, as a regional institute.
4. Own revenues
5. From donations and sponsorship
6. From programs and projects of national and international institutions.


§ 1. These Rules are issued on the basis of the Law for Protection and Development of Culture and Decree № 153/28.07.2000. for the transformation of cultural institutes into regional libraries and museums and Decree of the Council of Ministers No 80 of 2006 amending and supplementing the normative acts of the Council of Ministers.
§ 2. On the basis of these Regulations, the Director of the Library shall draw up and approve the Regulations for the Internal Order and Rules for Serving the Readers.
§ 3. These Rules are coordinated with the Mayor of Plovdiv Municipality and approved by the Minister of Culture.
§ 4. These Rules shall enter into force on the date of their validation.

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