The Public Relations expert develops an information strategy that creates an understanding and favorable view of the Library and its role in socio-cultural life.
Organizes and conducts media events, meetings with representatives of partner organizations, contacts with state and municipal authorities, etc.
Develops the media strategy of the leadership to build a high public image of the organization.
Organizes and conducts meetings with the media, public, governmental and non-governmental organizations, ensuring an advertising presence of the Library's policy.
Represents the Library's media management on issues that is authorized to make statements; prepares and disseminates material to the public.
Builds and maintains effective communication with partners and the media sector.
He maintains relations with the journalistic guild, regularly sends information about the work of the organization and makes it accessible to the various audiences.
It monitors and analyzes national and international events related to the activities of the Library.
Ensures compliance with the Library's publicity and visibility standards for different events.
Organizes and consults various media appearances – interviews, reports, external events or others.
Observes the media channels of the Library.
Observes the public image of the Library. Analyzes the results achieved in the field of publicity and relationships with target audiences and plans steps to raise them.

Participates in the preparation and holding of public cultural and educational events in the library and other events in the public space.
Coordinates the work of the library decorator on arranging, exhibiting and conducting exhibitions and various cultural events in the library.

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