The department carries out all the processes of cataloging the new library documents: books, printed musical publications, cartographic papers (maps and atlases), graphic publications, audiovisual documents, official and unpublished publications, patents and standards, documentary and photographic materials, microforms.

Their use is made available through the supported catalog and file system:

Functional Catalogs of Books:
• in Bulgarian;
• in Russian and other Cyrillic alphabet;
• in Latin.

Systematic catalog of books that came in the period 1960–2007
Alphabetical-subject file system catalog

Alphabetical Catalog of Albums:
• in Bulgarian;
• in Russian and other Cyrillic alphabet;
• in Latin.

Systematic catalog of albums
Catalogs of Sheet Graphics
Systematic catalog of cartographic publications
Alphabetical Catalog of Notable Publications
Systematic catalog of publications
Alphabetical catalog of sound recordings
Systematic catalog of sound recordings

Support files - sound recordings:
• authors of text;
• individual performers;
• Collective performers;
• directors;
• foreign names;
• songs, people, rachenitsa (bulgarian national folklore dances).

Alphabetic catalog of videotapes
Systematic video cassette catalog

Official publications
Alphabetical author's file system.
Systematic file system.
Alphabetical index of autoreferats since 1988
Systematic catalog of books, received 1944–1960, printed in 14 volumes.
Systematic catalog of books until 1944. So far, T.1–T.4, T.6, T.7 have been prepared and published.

Since 1996, the e-catalog has been launched, which includes bibliographic descriptions of books, albums, cartographic, notes and official publications.
Non-paper media releases are presented in a separate UTRA electronic catalog containing the description from 1999.

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