Publishing department

The publishing activity of the library has a long history. The first of its own editions took place only six years after the creation of the library in 1885.
The Regional Library then published the “Catalog of Books in the Regional Library and Museum”. This is the first printed catalog of books from a library collection in Bulgaria.
In the years after, a whole series of prestigious scientific publications emerged, which the library confirms its high-profile cultural institute with. Some of them are: The Yearbook of the National Library in Plovdiv, 1904–, Prof. Benyio Tsonev, “Slavic manuscripts and old printed books in the Plovdiv National Library”, 1920, Nikolay Raynov, “Ornament and letter in the Slavonic manuscripts of the National Library in Plovdiv”, 1925, the bilingual edition of Kondika of the Plovdiv Abadjiyy esnaf, 1931–1932, etc.

The publishing policy of the Library is away from the purely market mechanism of the publishing business and proves its effectiveness in recent years, combining the issue of valuable books in limited circulation, related to history and bibliography, memoirism and documentary, which are realized with its own institutional resource on one hand, and on the other hand – realizes external orders by authors who are interested in the areas of local history, publicistic, essayistic and contemporary literature – fiction and prose. In this way the Library supports the development of modern Bulgarian literature, history, historiography, bibliography, documentary and archivistics, contributes to the growth of young authors and to the establishment of authors with more books in the contemporary literary process.
The Editorial-Publishing Department organizes the publishing activity of the library and the publication of printed materials. Performs a semantic, grammatical, stylistic and technical editing of the manuscripts prepared for printing. It prepares pre-press work, creates graphic design of printed materials, performs digital printing. Produces prepress of advertising materials for the library by reference. It deposits the publishing output of the library.
At the same time, it also implements its policy of restoration, preservation, reproduction and realization of materials, documents, catalogs, historiographical and bibliographic collections, guides, phototype publications, valuable for the national bibliography and librarianship and in particular for the history of the library.

An important significance for the publishing process is the renovation of the tool base and the equipment of the publishing house with modern digital printing equipment. The high printing was changed by offset printing and digital printing as early as 2006. In 2010, the digital printing press “DUPLO” for black digital printing and the color printing digital printer “Konika” completely replaced the offset printing. The scanner and laser printer make it easy, complement and close the printing process. The Book Bindery in the Library is also technically upgraded and modernized. It maintains a wide range of bookbinding services for the library and external clients. A modern technological process was introduced with a machine for gluing books with thermo-adhesive.

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