* How do I become a library user?

* How do I navigate the Catalog room?

* How do I navigate the catalogs in the Catalog room?

* How do I fill out a Home Loan Note and a Reading Room Loan Note?

* Which are the most commonly used signatures when ordering periodicals for the reading room?

* Can I order copies of documents in the National Library?
Yes. Once you have ordered and received the document you want, refer to the attendant librarian in the reading room or home loan desk for specific instructions according to the type of copy required. It may be a xerocopy, photocopy, or scanned copy. Copy prices are listed in the Pricelist of the library services.

* Can I capture a document with a personal camera?
Yes, filming of library documents with your own technique is done after you get permission from the Chief of Staff librarian “User Service. Storage. IL”, first floor, room № 24.

* Are there any specific rules when loaning documents for home?
Yes. Documents issued until 1950 inclusive are not allowed to loan for home. Take a closer look at the Loan Rules here.

* Are there specific rules for the use of periodicals issued before 1944?
Yes. In the case of a microfiche copy available, the use of the original is authorized by Chief Executive Librarian “User Service. Storage. IL”, first floor, room № 24. Xerocopying is not allowed. Photo or scanned copies can be made. Periodicals may not be used in the event of analogies available in the Digital Library.

* How many books can I order at the same time?
At the same time, up to five loan notes are submitted. If the issue is voluminous, up to five volumes are indicated on a note. When ordering newspapers or magazines, it may be mentioned for up to five consecutive years.

* How long does it take to complete an order?
The order execution time is within 15 minutes. Up to 5 loan notes may be submitted at once – for books, periodicals – up to 5 anniversaries of one title and other editions. After 15 minutes you can make a new request.

* Can I save the books I ordered?
Yes. Books and other ordered documents can be stored in the reading room for up to 10 (ten) days. If the retained documents are not used, they would be released on the tenth day.

* How many hours are orders accepted?
On weekdays, loan notes for the reading room are accepted until 17.00 in the winter and until 19.00 in the summer. For home readings – until 17.15 and 19.15 hours respectively. Orders for Saturdays and Sundays are accepted on Friday.

* How many books can I loan for home reading?
You can loan up to 10 (ten) books from different editions. The term of use is 30 calendar days. You are entitled to two re-entries of 30 days after you have requested this from the User Registration Division on-duty librarian, or you are using your “My Library” Personal Profile overwriting service.

* How can I get a book or article from a periodical that is not owned by the National Library?
You need to refer to the Registration section. The costs of sending the documents are to be defrayed by the guarantor user. More information in the “IL and IIL Regulations”.

* Where can I view the daily press?
In Reader № 3 “Current Periodicals”, Public Information Center, with presentation of a regular user card.

* What other library services are available?
The so-called “For tomorrow” service is provided – on a day suitable for the user, documents can be ordered for the next day, both for home and for use in the reading room.
Electronic services are also provided:
1. When working with the “Books” Electronic Catalog, you can order titles for reading either at home or at the reading room and receive a response about their availability within 24 hours of the order submission;
2. Overwriting of documents can be done through your personal profile in “My Library”. Library documents occupied for home may be rewritten in this way up to two times after the expiration of the term of use.

* How can I use the reading rooms of the Library?
The use of library documents in the reading rooms of the Library is performed with the presentation of a regular user card at the on-duty librarian in the respective reading room, after obtaining a user place from the checkroom. The Library has 5 reading halls located on the second floor and the Public Information Center:
No. 1 Philological, social, natural, exact and applied sciences;
No. 2 Acad. Petar Dinekov;
No. 3 Current periodicals;
No. 4 Arts;
No. 5 Boris Diakovic.
Without a user place you can use Deutscher Lesesaal and American Space. The rules for ordering library documents, their use, the obligations and the responsibilities of the users are determined by the “User Service Rules in the National Library "Ivan Vazov”, in the respective sections.

* Can I use a personal PC? How and where can I receive access and passwords for WI-FI?
Yes. You can use a personal PC, an access and password will be provided by librarians in the reading rooms.

* Can I order a thematic reference and receive it without visiting the library?
Yes. You can order a thematic reference by sending an e-mail to the Reference-Bibliographic and Information Department or to the Local History Department or use the Virtual Reference Service / Virtual Local History Service. You will receive the reference by e-mail.

* Are group visits organized for educational purposes?
Yes, for persons over the age of 14, after a pre-enrollment in the Reference and Information Department at tel. (032) 654 933. For persons under the age of 14, group visits are organized by the Children's Department.

* Where can I buy library releases?
Library releases can be purchased at the Library's cash desk.

* Where can I get advice on organizing my personal library?
Metodic specialists will advise you on how to organize and maintain your personal selection.

* I have books with torn covers, can I bring them for restoration and binding to the library?
Yes, you can we offer a variety of quality bookbinding services.

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