Home loan desc and a specialized reading room No. 4 Arts, located on the second floor of the library, offer all the book and non-paper bearers of information from the library's arts library. These are books, albums, notable publications, music recordings, periodicals, guides and bibliographic publications in Bulgarian and foreign languages. Valuable, especially for specialists, are the many richly illustrated field directories and encyclopedias, the impressive collection of audio recordings of top acjievements in all genres of musical art and the voices of historical personalities and unforgettable actors, musical scores, vocal-instrumental and teaching methodical editions, sheet art, artistic albums and other graphic editions, fully revealing the history, the theory and development of the fine and applied arts, the music, the theater, the ballet, the photography, the cinema.
*The Reading room offers a stock of sought-after and valuable books, periodicals, reference and bibliographic publications.
*Specialized workplaces provided with equipment for listening to gramophone records, audio tapes and a CD player are available.
*The specialized fund is tailored to the different audiences – pupils, students and art specialists. In the “Art” foyer, showcases are displayed systematically with new books and other library documents, anniversaries of Bulgarian and world cultural figures and artists are commemorated. Usually, open lessons are being conducted in this reading room, for students from secondary and higher art schools.
*In favor of Customers, there are experienced librarians with experience in the arts. They facilitate specific work with catalogs, thematic files and specialized editions, perform traditional and electronic queries on specific searches, including on the Internet.

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